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Have you ever entertained the idea of living in Canada - the land of opportunity? Do you ever think of wide, open spaces, a less stressful life for you and your family and above all, a better quality of life? For those who have, I'm sure you have had the following questions:


What city, in which province, would we go to (just to name a few) - Toronto in Ontario, Vancouver in British Columbia or Montreal in Quebec? Canada is so vast!! Once you've narrowed it down to a particular province, the next questions would be,

  1. Where would we live? What area? Which area is safe?
  2. What about buying or renting a house or apartment?
  3. What about job opportunities?
  4. If we have a family business, where would the best location be?
  5. Which schools should we send our kids to?

By the time you answer these questions, you may do either of these things:

  1. Give up the idea completely since this task seems so formidable, OR
  2. Go to it, spending lots of time trying to gather information from embassies, the internet, friends and relatives and those whom you know in Canada.

At this point, the best thing to do is to
put yourself and your family

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